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problem: DMS is showing the same images regardless of which language is selected in the WPML language changer.


I need to display different images in different languages because the images have captions.


I've tried the solution described in DMS forum here, but this doesnt work for me because the mediabox only has one path and doesnt seem to feature the [pl_site_url] token.


I tried replacing the root domain with this token in the first  mediabox but as you can see, it broke the image path.


Any ideas on how to fix this, please?



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So in the mediabox image field, you're manually adding the path to the url instead of using the pl shortcode that comes up when you add throug hthe media library etc? And it's still not working? You're using the same image just the caption that's changing right?

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the problem is that i need a different image for different languages.


If I just put a path to *one* image, it works - but of course it will show the same image for every language which is no good since the images have embedded text.


I need to call a different image per language, based on the language selected with WPML... any ideas on how to do this within a DMS mediabox?

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Ok that sounds like it could work. Would polylang support multiple versions of the homepage?

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Hello interpro


Polylang allows you to display content based on the language and uses a separate post for each language, so you can have a totally different content between posts in each language.Then you would have a section pull the content for the post for that language on the home page rather than needing a home page for each language, 


In other other words - one home page pulling the required content from posts for that language. 


Does that make sense? 

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