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Version 2.2

  CORE - Fix issue with global reset buttons throwing a javascript error in WP 4.3
  CORE - Run a check at runtime to see if the ABSPATH has changed, if so reset sections data.
         Fixes issues with certain hosts moving customer installs and changing the PATHS without notification.
  CORE - Update less.js library to 2.5.1 


  CORE - Fix jQuery error with WP 4.3


  CORE - Patch from failed to allow for dms child themes loading functions twice. Fixed.


  CORE - Updated FontAwesome to 4.4.0
  CORE - Added patch to use jQuery from WP 4.2 while editor is open.


  CORE - Make database entries LONGTEXT to follow WordPress database standards and allow for options bigger than 64kb
  CORE - On publish remove all .css files in uploads/pagelines folder, sometimes these files are not deleted.
  CORE - Added alternative Parallax option to canvas area section. Hopefully fixes the long running Parallax issues.


  CORE - Fixed an issue where clicking publish in the DMS editor was not clearing the varnish cache on WPENGINE.
  CORE - Sections cache is now cleared when wp-admin is loaded, this will help during site migrations.
  BUG  - Added a check to make sure the sections table is present in the database before attempting to add data.


  CORE - WordPress Customizer now works, this is a requirement for WordPress 4.3 and above.


  CORE - Update FontAwesome to version 4.3,
  CORE - Template Exports: You can now select which templates to export rather than all of them exporting every time.
  CORE - New filter 'pl_breaker_type', allows developers to set page types at will.
  CORE - Small CSS fix for Woocommerce product quantity selector.
  CORE - Mediabox Section cross browser CSS fix.


  CORE - $content_width global now synced with DMS content width (pixel mode only). Fixes embed video widths.
  CORE - Update support links for
  CORE - Flipper Section - Added 'suppress_filters' to query. Allows translated pages to be found.
         ( See )

  CORE - Fix draft url rare 404 issue.
  CORE - Flipper Section - Shortcodes in meta area were not working correctly.
  CORE - Updated translation files and testing in latest WP (4.0.1)
Version 2.1.9
  CORE - Add support for WP 4.1 wp_title. See
  CORE - Load editor CSS with protocol relative URL, fixes an issue with wp-admin being SSL.
  CORE - Added new shortcode, [post_terms] via pull request from Cliff.
  CORE - [post_categories] shortcode, if no category assigned, don't output anything. Pull request from Cliff.
  CORE - flexslider.js slides displaying in wrong order. Patch provided by woothemes, pull request from Cliff.
Version 2.1.8
CORE - Use protocol relative URI for ajaxurl.
             This fixes issues where DMS has difficulty saving settings when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is enabled.
Version 2.1.7
CORE - Open Sans google font is enqueued by WordPress by default since WP3.7 so no longer needed.
CORE - Various HTML validation fixes in columnizer section default output.
CORE - Use wp_enqueue_style for main google fonts.
CORE - Fix the Facebook follow button in watermark section.
CORE - SEO fixes to postloop section.
CORE - Only load shares javascript if the share data is needed on the page - speeds up pageload.
CORE - Small position fix for icons when in a <li>.
CORE - Fix for buggy mobile menu.
Version 2.1.6
CORE - Disable ajax share count when editor is open, speeds up pageload.
CORE - Added continue_reading_link filter.
CORE - Option added to disable search in mobile menu.
CORE - Updated Font Awesome to version 4.2
CORE - Add a link to Font Awesome reference page next to icons options.
Version 2.1.5
CORE - Change the way editor CSS file is loaded, Quite a big speed boost for page refreshes.
CORE - Fixed styling issue in editor, Page Templates dropdown option was obscured.
CORE - Better support for 'core' themes in header attribution.
BUG - Added missing target attribute to social links, fixes undefined index warning.
BUG - Fixed share-alt icon, props Mikey.
Version 2.1.4
- CORE - Fixed error when importing json from dms1 child themes.
- CORE - Sanitize custom css and scripts in wp-admin, should be no more \\\\\\' now.
- BUG - Removed preload from revslider, fixes video not loading in chrome glitch.
- BUG - Fixed small typo in debug info.
Version 2.1.3
- CORE - Fixed bug with googlefont url if extra fonts were added url was malformatted.
Version 2.1.2
- CORE - Add the ability to totally turn of template areas, fixed, header and footer.
- CORE - Make sure google fonts url is encoded properly so page validates.
- CORE - Fixed the partner link in footer if user has added an affiliate link.
- CORE - Unregister any plugins that have the PageLines header from the WP update queue, stops WP trying to update them from
- CORE - TextBox - Add pl-editor-only if there is no content.
- CORE - Updated POT file.
- CORE - Fix bug in pl_do_shortcode()
- CORE - Only run installer once. Code added to intercept WP customizer and redirect to front page with the editor open.
- CORE - Added inline docs links for sections ( not fully implemented yet )


Version 2.1.1

- CORE - Moved bulk edit for pages to Pro Plugin, along with bulk edit for posts.
- CORE - pl-area-inner-classes and pl-area-inner-style filters now have section meta array passed as a 2nd variable.
- BUG - Use correct option in postloop for thumb image.
- BUG - Fixed pl_setting filter running at wrong time.


Version 2.1

- CORE - New Page/Post template modes (local/type).
- CORE - Updated Font Awesome to latest 4.1
- CORE - Tweaked CSS file writing code, might help a bit with real cheap hosts.
- CORE - Tweak to menus CSS to fix flicker.
- CORE - Tour/Wizard Font tweaked.
- CORE - PHPUnit tests added ( very basic tests, will be iterated later ).
- CORE - Watermark and Pagination sections added to new installs.
- CORE - variables.less - Use variables not hardcoded widths, props Tourkick.
- CORE - New filters: pl-area-inner-classes and pl-area-inner-style.
- CORE - PostLoop Section - New settings to disable Media and Author meta, and Karma.
- CORE - Add new attribute to pl_video shortcode 'wmode' props Tourkick.
- CORE - Added new .row-squared class props Tourkick.
- CORE - Hook added to editor image uploader: after_pl_up_image.
- CORE - Tweak IE version detection function to properly find IE11.
- CORE - You can now enable debug mode via the PageLines settings in wp-admin.


Version 2.0.7

- CORE - IE9 has a selector limit of 4096, so optimise LESS files.
- CORE - Various installer tweaks.
- CORE - Various tour/wizard tweaks.
- CORE - New LESS variable: pl-link-inverse.
- CORE - MediaBox tweaked added no-pad option.
- CORE - Templates panel layout tweaked.
- BUG - Draft LESS file priority changed, fixes no CSS with wp-property plugin.


Version 2.0.6

- CORE - Introducing the new DMS Wizard!
- BUG - Fix label font color.


Version 2.0.5

- CORE - Now possible to bulk apply templates in wp-admin.
- CORE - Various woocommerce tweaks.
- CORE - Various import/export fixes.
- CORE - Add close button to media uploader.
- CORE - Add 'pl_theme_classes' filter.
- CORE - Navigation themes added.
- CORE - New shortcode [pl_themename] returns active themes 'nice' name.
- CORE - Load pl-config.json if exists on activation.
- CORE - Added missing row-closed spans props Cliff.
- BUG - Fixed section controls in boxed site mode.


Version 2.0.4

- CORE - Tweaks full window section code.
- CORE - Added new btn-ol-link class.
- CORE - Remove text shadow from labels/badges.

- BUG - Fix for Chrome Aw Snap with count_select props Evan Mattson.
- BUG - Fix for illegal offset 'clone' error.
- BUG - Fix template drop down on post edit page.
- BUG - Fix pl_video links with SSL props Dave Moppert.
- BUG - Fix buddypress/bbpress error on multisite props Margaret Saizan.


Version 2.0.3


- CORE - Fix possible settings issue on certain configs of MYSQL if strict mode is enabled.
- CORE - Fix non translatable string 'on' props kakadong.
- CORE - Fix unreadable chars in recent comments widget props kakadong.
- CORE - Dev Panel moved to Developer plugin.


Version 2.0.2


- BUG - pl_setting() should only fetch global settings. This fixes the weird post level css issues.
- BUG - Watermark section - user settings being ignored.


Version 2.0.1


- CORE - Various responsive fixes.
- CORE - Allow mobile menu to be disabled with 'pl_no_mobile_menu' action.
- CORE - Editor upload filesize set to 2M instead of 500k.
- CORE - Use // URLS for shares etc.
- CORE - Add titles to sharebar.
- BUG - Fixed search on Safari Desktop.
- BUG - Fixed broken mobile menu on Android =< 4.3
- BUG - Shortcode JS was being included more than once.
- BUG - Watermark section - Scripts being inserted where not needed.
- BUG - Fixed old navbar theme select.
- BUG - Fixed broken image alt code.
- BUG - Only show the post-format meta panels if the post has post-formats capabilities.

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