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Big text strikes

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Gonchar, thank you for your BigTextDMS purchase and for the screencast.


In the forum post that you linked to, I'd agree you should remove the TextBox-type section from Nick as Nick has abandoned all of his PageLines products and will not be releasing updates or replying to support requests. Also, as stated in the forum link, it's likely unnecessary.


If removing his section doesn't solve the problem, please let me know if you can delete sections other than BigTextDMS.


You may also want to try:

- disabling all plugins except BigTextDMS and seeing if you're still having the issue

- enabling WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php and seeing if there are errors

- using Chrome Inspector to see if there are any js errors in the Console


If you cannot find a resolution via any of these methods, you'll need to PM me an administrator-level login to your site after taking a full backup.


Please report back with your findings. Thank you.

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Marking the issue Solved as I haven't heard back from you and cannot reproduce the issue. Hope you got it figured out.

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    • vogelwild
      By vogelwild
      Hi Cliff,
      I've just purchased your BigText Plugin and I like it! In your description you write:
      ONLY use single quotes, not double-quotes. Good: BigTextDMS is <span style=‘color:red;‘>really</span> big. Bad: BigTextDMS is <span style=“color:red;“>really</span> big.  
      I've tried this, but it doesn't work. BUT double-quotes work fine for me. It there something wrong with double-quotes (some hidden mistakes, if I use them)?
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      I have purchased BigText DMS some time ago and would like to use it for Section headings (so they stay on the same line when the screen size is reduced). Thus on every page I have the section deployed three or four times, always with a single line only. The width (i.e. character count) of each line differs, of course. Is it possible to set a global font size? At the moment I have to guess which width results in the correct font size and insert empty space before and after the text accordingly. This is imprecise and inconvenient, but I have not been able to find another way. Would there be one? Could I address all BigText sections in CSS and control the font size with a percentage? Of course the font size changes with screen size. What I am trying to achieve is that all instances of BigText change uniformly, from the same size to the same size. Would that be possible? Or am I looking for something the section was not built for?
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      I just purchased this section and after downloading it, as BigText DMS 1.1, from my Pagelines account, it immediately says that there is an update for the plugin. I update the plugin and it says the plugin has been successfully updated. It then continues to prompt me to update the plugin. Forever. No matter how many times I update the plugin or log out and log back in. It also seems to be slowing down my site. This is a WP multisite hosted on Flywheel.