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Blog Page CSS Different From Page and Post CSS

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Any updates on this issue?

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OK, as far as I can tell there appears to be a saving issue when your active page is a single post, which is rather odd. I have reported this to our tracker. Thanks for assisting in bringing this weird one to light.

You can view the ticket here - https://github.com/pagelines/DMS/issues/705

If you have anything to add, please feel free to post a comment, screenshots etc...

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks for the update, Danny.


I've been talking with support at WP Engine about different style showing up when logged in vs logged out.


The problem started to affect the live site, as well (it seems like my domain is haunted).


They ended up creating a copy of the live site, which was still on DMS 1.1.8.


The copied site did not have any of the invalid CSS (this may or may not be important).


I updated the live site to DMS 2.0 (uploading, network-activating, and adding license key to the PageLines updater) made a couple of minor edits where styles didn't come over (font awesome and different class name/s for fixed header/nav) and everything is fine on the live copy site.


We learned during the process that the original deployment of that installation did not go smoothly:

  • It was a single site installation (on a different host) that I opted to run multi site on when adding to WP Engine as part of migration (apparently, migrating a single site and opting for multi site guarantees problems, something that they should probably address in advance)
  • wp.config.php had some problematic lines
  • .htaccess was missing a key line (that was occasionally causing homepage to return an error)

Not sure which, if, in fact, any of these issues was behind the problem I was/am having, but since the copy of the live site - minus problematic CSS from the start - looks as it should, the answer may be there somewhere.


I think there was another thing or two that emerged but I can't recall what they were at the moment.


If/when they come back to me I will post them here in the hopes that they help lead to a conclusion about what went wrong.


In any case, it appears that I am all sorted out and it appears that the problem may have been a result of a problematic installation/deployment.

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Relieved to be able to report that I updated the live site to DMS 2.0 and everything works as it should.


I think it's safe to conclude that the problem/s were the result of a somewhat rocky migration and installation.

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Good News - thank you for letting us know 

The answer to many issues can be found by searching in the forum before posting as someone else  may very well have had the same problem before you have.  Also, reading the documentation can help you gain a good understanding of how everything works. 


Please do not send me private messages. Occam's razor - The principle states "Keep things simple!"

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