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Faithful Theme - DMS 2.0

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Updated to DMS 2.0. Home page theme was set to None. In attempt to change DMS 2.0 Navi changed to Faithful Theme on edit page. Lost changes. Is it possible to change back to "None" and restore contents? How do you restore Faithful Fixed Navigation in DMS 2.0?

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James Giroux

Hey there.  Faithful hasn't been updated to work with DMS 2.0.  At the moment there is no plan to update it as the theme framework for 2.0 is totally different.  I've tested it locally and DMS 2 shouldn't wipe out templates.  If you want to grab the navbar for faithful, the best thing to do is grab it via the sections area.  It should be there with its own label.  It may not work or conflict with the new navbar in 2.0 so try removing that section from the DMS parent theme and see if that resolves things.

James Giroux, CEO

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