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Using Polylang to translate iboxes, quickslider, revslider..?

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I've read through the forum but have yet to find a definitive answer on how to translate sections using Polylang. Some people suggested using hooks/actions however seeing as I'm not well versed enough in PHP for that to be an option, I'm rather stuck.


Does anyone know how, for example, how I can transate iboxes using Polylang? I hear this is the perferred translation plugin with DMS so I'm hoping someone out there has figured this out.


Thank you!

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PolyLang and other translation plugins have sperate pages for different languages. Simply have a different ibox section for each language, they will not simply auto translate.

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Ah that's right...translation won't work  when the home page is set to grab the most recent post...it just works for static pages. Thanks for the reminder of that Simon_P!

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