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    • atlast
      By atlast+
      I would like to do something similar to what this designer has done with DMS 2.0. Having issues figuring out how to build it. 
      Any ideas on how to create the scroll effect of the wallets picture and the hills picture in this site where the picture is a background of sorts and the foreground elements scroll by... 
    • xcel7
      By xcel7
      I think an update has been made automatically and my site doesn't respond like it should anymore. On my home page I have different features and different boxes for each language, but the latest page modified gives the rule to show its set up: if I work on the french page, the boxes will be in french on both the french and english page and vice versa. Same for the features. But the menus and widgets translate well, no problem… What went wrong?
      Thanks !
    • Olly
      By Olly
      I am considering purchasing Voyant for creating my company's bi-lingual website in both English & Chinese. Does anyone have any experience with using Polylang, WPML or other multi-language wordpress plugins with both Pagelines and Voyant? Are there any issues with using them? Are there any plugins that are better for this purpose.
      Thanks in advance!
    • AEP
      By AEP
      Unfortunately if one selects DMS 2.0 theme "customize" button WP>Appearance>Themes>Active>DMS 2...and it is already installed, active and customized....it resets the site and removes most customization...not good if you didn't want it do reset.  It should instead take you to the DMS 2.0 menu as if the designer is ready to continue to customize without removing prior customization.  It should also give a "warning" if you select this button "customize" all prior customization will be removed...are you sure you want to proceed.  This might help new users of DMS 2.0.  Thanks for listening!
    • AEP
      By AEP
      Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
      Website URL: www.golfdynamics287.com
      Framework Version: DMS 2.0
      WordPress Version: 4.0
      WP's menu Appearance>themes installed... shows two Pagelines themes: one active (DMS 2) and one inactive (Pagelines 2.4.4).  Can I delete the inactive Pagelines Framework 2.4.4 since it isn't active without disrupting DMS 2.0?  Or are both needed?  The site's menu system is acting weird...sub pages will not stay under parent page after saving menu...and I want to delete all unused themes and plugins.
      Thanks for your help!