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    • mtaus
      By mtaus+
      I recently added the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin so I could track outbound links more easily. At the same time I manually removed the GA tracking code from the custom code field in Pagelines. I then turned off (WP Super Cache) and deleted the cache. However, despite having tried to remove the cache several times and testing in incognito, the custom code from Pagelines continues to generate. 
      Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?
      Website URL: blog.abodo.com Framework Version: 2.1 WordPress Version: 3.9.1  
    • nfp1900
      By nfp1900
      After the update I now see a large white gap between every line of custom code, this is a bit of a hassle considering there's 200+ lines now with more to come.  I posted a screenshot here: http://citywomen.org.gridhosted.co.uk/screenshot/
      Using 1.1.1 and base theme (from Nick H)
    • almanada
      By almanada
      After adding custom code to DMS all editing functions stopped working.  I have not been able to edit for a week, not even delete the stupid code that messed it up.  
      Can anyone help me without having to reinstall DMS? 
    • lemonstripe
    • fabhousewife