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How best can I upload a powerpoint presentation to my site for a slideshow? What input for pageline can I use?



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HI @pjain_10 


i haven't tried to embed a slideshow created in powerpoint in Wordpress.. i did a bit of googling and this was the highest rated third party plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/slideonline/


here is another more general document viewer.


not sure there is another method that would be as good as that with the standard PageLines sections and tools 'at the moment' 


remember you can use any plugins from the Wordpress Plugin Repository - some may work better than others. remember to only use plugins that are up to date (that is still supported with bug fixes etc) - any issues or you want to check out if they work first - try the plugin compatibility thread on this forum. Not every plugin has been tested with PageLines products as this is impossible but as ones that do not work for whatever reason appear they are added to the list. 


Any issues with third party plugins are supported by the plugin developer in the first instance. 


hope this helps 

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