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Link to PDF gets changed

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I have been trying to create links to a couple of PDFs that I want my clients to be able to download or view when they click on the link. I uploaded the files through the WP media uploader to my media library, grabbed the URLs (not the attachment links) from the Edit Media pages and created basic text links on my page. When I click on the links, the URL gets changed from the direct link to the page URL+direct link, i.e., gets changed to“http:/”


I also tried sharing the files through Dropbox, hoping an external link would work, but again, it adds to the beginning of the Dropbox link. Other external links to web sites work fine on this page--it's just the links to PDFs that get changed.


Thanks in advance for any help!


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I have no idea how this fixed my problem, but I created a test page, used the WP post editor to create the links to the PDFs, copied the HTML and pasted it into my "Get Started" page. Now it works--very strange, but I'm glad it works now.

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Not sure what your problem was/is, as when I clicked on your link in your post above, it went straight to the PDF for me to read. As you say this is now resolved, I have marked so.

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