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trouble loading cool carrousel

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Hi @Clifford @Mention




Can I ask you a bit of help?


I am using cool carrousel as a banner on this page but there is an issue loading.


To cut explanations short, you can see it here.


Wait for the whole screencast to be loaded before watching.


Is there something i can do to solve that issue and have the carrousel load faster?

I would love to keep the carrousel there and would really regret to have to get a single image instead ...


I have only used Cool Carousel on this site so far and it is also a bit slow to load on this page also (bottom of the page) but this may be my connection - in a village on top of a mountain in Rajasthan ... :-)


Let me know.



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I have reproduced the issue shown in your screencast. I have not seen this issue before.


I ran the page through http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/b6n5IQ/http://seeduni.com/menu/


I don't see anything major like giant image sizes, but I'd recommend turning on WP_DEBUG and looking for issues there. Possibly also disable all other plugins and see if the long delay still happens.



P.S. I would recommend adding this class to the header slider: http://www.pagelinestheme.com/remove-cool-carousel-lines/

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Thanks Clifford.


It doesn't really help because even with wp debug, i will not be able to do much with the info ...


Thanks for sharing the ling to pingdom - this is useful.

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If you have WP_DEBUG error messages that aren't related to PageLines or its sections, you can PM me your wp-admin and FTP login credentials so I can take a look and help you resolve them but that'd be at my hourly rate, which we could discuss via PM.


For money and time's sake, I'd recommend you simply disable all other plugins and see if the issue persists. If it doesn't, then maybe look into the WP_DEBUG messages.

If the issue is still present when Cool Carousel is the only plugin activated, then that'd be something I might be able to look into on your site without having to charge.

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Hi Clifford,


Thanks for your reply.

I have removed the carrousel for now as I have many other things on my hands ... but i will have a look at what you suggest when things cool down a bit and follow your guidance.



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