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    • jeomiland
      By jeomiland+
      In DMS2 there was a button to click to flush pagelines cache. Don't see this in platform5. Am having a big problem with caches. Have W3 Total cache plugin, but now even if I deactivate it, the code in css/less seems to not be registering??? I can delete all custom css, save, then add just a bit of the css (that used to work just fine the other day) and that small section of css takes effect. Then when I paste the whole css (that worked fine the other day), it seems to not work???
      About to restore DB backup from a couple days ago to see if that solves it, but it's a drag that this issue exists. Makes it hard to finetune the site.
      Thanks for help
      site is: http://permacultureecovillage.com/lev2017/
      lev styles most recent.css.rtf
    • stephen2
      By stephen2+
      I'd like to know where DMS writes custom CSS/LESS & Custom Scripts.  
      The reason I ask, yesterday I inadvertently pasted the wrong script into the custom script area I got a white screen. Neither the wordpress side or the pagelines side were available.  
      I've since resolved the issue by restoring the site with its last backup. I'd like to know so next time I could FTP in and delete the bad code.