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Feature set images not combining into slide show

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Hi there, that usually indicates a js error on the page. Does it happen for a couple of second and then load correctly or just stay that way?


If it happens for a couple of seconds then corrects, use the code snippet below in your css and save.


#page #feature-area {
             overflow: hidden;


If it doesn't resolve after a couple of seconds then it will be a conflict with a plugin or script on the site. Disable all plugins, then enable one by one to see which one is conflicting with the slider code.

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hi james,

thx for replying and trying to help out.

no. it's stuck there


what do you think might be happening?

thanks again for your help.

vic :)


.... here's my plugin list: ..... 

only half are activated



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It will def be a plugin then, each plugin adds more code and scripts to the site. Depending on how they were written and what code the developer used can clash with core code inside the theme. Unfortunately the only way to find out which would be to disable them all, then turn each on one by one to see which one is causing it.

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plugins are the NUMBERONE problem with sites not working ... hmmmm ... you'd think someone would have come up with a better way to assess the situation by now .... we need a plugin to analyze plugin errors ... very doable ... maybe it'll be you? ;) ... thx for your help. 

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hi james

i'm a rookie, so where EXACTLY do i add your css code in my pagelines/wordpress environment?

kind thanks, vic 


#page #feature-area {
             overflow: hidden;



Hi there, that usually indicates a js error on the page. Does it happen for a couple of second and then load correctly or just stay that way?


If it happens for a couple of seconds then corrects, use the code snippet below in your css and save.


#page #feature-area {
             overflow: hidden;


If it doesn't resolve after a couple of seconds then it will be a conflict with a plugin or script on the site. Disable all plugins, then enable one by one to see which one is conflicting with the slider code.

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All custom CSS, which is what James provided you, can be added to the Custom > Custom CSS editor from your DMS Toolbar.


However, you can also add your code to your child theme if you're using one.

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