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Z-index issue: Cool Carousel obscures popup form

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The Cool Carousel appears to work correctly in all browsers except (you guessed it) Internet Explorer.


The carousel is loaded with YouTube videos, but the videos lay on top of the carousel's forward and back buttons---in IE only, looks great in Chrome and Firefox.


Additionally, I'm also using Poppy to generate a pop-up contact form and the carousel lays on top of the pop-up as well.


Is there a way to overcome the apparent z-index problem in Internet Explorer?



Here is a demo site:  http://demo010.hotforwebs.com/

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I have tested your Windows 7 + IE 11 and confirmed the YouTube videos don't have the prev/next navigation arrows like in non-IE browsers.


The issue is with flash (for more information, see "wmode" at http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/kb/flash-object-embed-tag-attributes.html#main_Optional_attributes ).


I'd assume that if you have flash disabled in IE and instead the HTML5 fallback player gets used, the issue wouldn't be present anymore.


Cool Carousel uses the PageLines DMS [pl_video] shortcode ( notice wmode is already set to transparent -- https://github.com/pagelines/DMS/blob/1.1/includes/class.shortcodes.php#L1423 )


Please let me know your feedback.

I hope it works acceptably well for you.

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No, still doesn't work.  I'm giving up on this product.  Too bad, because it works fine on all browsers except the one with most market share.

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Thank you for the update on browser popularity.  I suppose it is still device-dependent, but it's good to see Chrome taking over market share.


One day soon, we won't have to worry about IE and its aberrant behaviors. :)


This really is a good plugin (outside of IE)... I guess the main concern is that Cool Carousel videos will potentially cover other items like drop-down menus and pop-up boxes for those users still using IE.

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fiscalcliff, a future version of the pl_video shortcode (which is used in Cool Carousel) will have the ability to choose 'opaque' as the wmode; however, after testing, I was unable to figure out the CSS positioning code required to accompany the change to wmode="opaque" to get the issue resolved for Win 7 + IE 11.

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