Pagelines, Godaddy and BuddyPress - Which is the problem!?

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Hello Pagelines,


I love your service but really wan to get some Social intergration involved in my site. Just wondering whether you may be able to help me out.


I have been trying to install BuddyPress, on my GoDaddy Hosted, Paglines Site. However, nothing seems to work.


Actions I have taken thus far:


I have installed the zip file [BuddyPress for Pagelines] (This didn't work)


I have deactivated all other plugins on my site [Still Nothing]


I also deleted bbPress as I thought they might be clashing that didn't help either.


I am starting to think its a problem with GoDaaddy - oh BTW I am on the Economy hosting package- but would love to hear your take on it?


Thanks for your time and best regards


Dan Haddock.



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I have just gone back to check my list of plugins and it say that BuddyPress is active however I am getting this fatal error message


"Fatal error: Call to undefined function xprofile_get_field_data() in D:\Hosting\11447164\html\wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-members\bp-members-functions.php on line 425"


and just to add to my last post i have chenged my permalinks to %postName% so thats not the problem.


Thanks again.

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Hi there, to use Buddypress and BBpress inside the Framework you'll need to use the PageLines Buddypress integration plugin. You'll be able to download them from this link -


The latest version of Buddypress from what I can remember was a quiet a large update, the Framework was created well before that you will probably need to roll back to the prior version of Buddypress (I think this was 1.7 or 1.8) to get it to work successfully.

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OK great thank you for that!


I will give that a try.


Just to be clear though, does this mean that I can never be able to update BuddyPress to the most recent version due to size restraints?


and also how might I get a hold of the 1.8 Version?


Hope to hear from your soon, and thanks again for all the help!

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Hi there, previous versions of Buddypress can be downloaded from


Unfortunately yes, you probably would find more and more problems with buddypress as it updates in the future. The new DMS theme is compatible with newer versions of Buddypress, so it might be an idea to consider upgrading to this at some point in the future. DMS can be downloaded from your account page for the free standard version if you want to trial it out.

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Ok great I will look into changing to DMS. I have enjoyed pagelines and you guys have been extremely helpful.

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That's great news, happy to help :-)

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