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email bar in impressive theme

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I am new to using pagelines and have built a landing page for a non-profit that I sit on the board of trustees.  I used the impressive theme. 


it is built on wordpress 3.8.1

and is hosted on greengeeks.


the site is gamma-sigma.org.  if you look at the page there is a place to put their email in the top template area.  but nothing happens when you put in your email.  How do I use that to capture the email addresses to a database or something and also after they enter their email if they push enter have that get directed to the site rugammasigma.com


I was able to get the buttons linked but I am at a loss with the email bar.  Please advise.





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HI Vanessa,


You will want to make use a form plugin, as for as I can tell that form has no action="" so it won't do anything. You will want to use a form plugin the two best are NinjaForms or GravityForms. In regards to your question about capturing the email address and adding it to your database, thats something you will need to discuss with the support team for the form plugin you choose.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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