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    • kri8it
      By kri8it
      I seem to be having a problem with my pages being detected as 'type' -> 'blog' when I use a custom permalink structure ( /%category%/%postname%/ ).
      However, when I switch to the default wordpress permalink structure, the pages work fine and show up as 'type' -> 'page'.
      I've used DMS on a lot of sites and this is the first time I've experienced this. I have deactivated all plugins, removed all custom code and the problem still persists. 
      Any help would be amazing...
    • superhumains
      By superhumains
      I'm a dms pro user but i can't post in the appropriate forum !!
      Whatever the article on which you click, it takes on the same article.    The URL that appears correct but not Article! So we can not see the good post.    I checked the HTACCESS. I revalidate permalinks settings.    But I still have the same problem:    www.superhumains.com
    • gogeiger
      By gogeiger
      I originally had problem
      My site http://www.elitehvaccontractors.com/ not having a main blog page for blog ,
      I changed my permalink
      To custom /blog/%postname%/ and now I have a blog page http://www.elitehvaccontractors.com/blog/
      New problem developed
      My location page went from http://www.elitehvaccontractors.com/locations/hvac-contractors-collegeville-pa/
      To the following: http://www.elitehvaccontractors.com/blog/locations/hvac-contractors-collegeville-pa/
      I need help with the following:
      Keeping Blog main page for web site Change locations back to original and not have it follow blog file Goal:
      I use plug in Yoast WordPress SEO: Local SEO have contacted them and they say plug in is working and resulting because I put blog in custom permalink. They could not support any further advice.
      If I take blog out then my main blog page disappears.
      Thank you in advance for a solution,
      Tim Geiger
    • Oxide
      By Oxide
      When I change the permalinks structure to a custom structure (pages) it breaks my site. I've read other posts about how the CSS doesn't work if the permissions aren't set correctly on the server, but I'm not sure which files need increased permissions. I would rather not use 777 if I don't have to. I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like when it breaks. 
      Things I've tried:
      Updating permissions on .htaccess to 755
      Deleting .htaccess altogether
      Tried adding the following to wp-config: define( 'PL_NO_DYNAMIC_URL', true ); as suggested by http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/27761-pagelines-loading-only-when-default-permalinks-setting-is-active/?hl=permalinks.
      Live-chatted with my hosting service - they were no help.
      Tried this too: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/21053-permalinks-affecting-the-pagelines-layout/?hl=permalinks
      I'm new to web development, so forgive me if the answer is painfully obvious.
    • DCstyle
      By DCstyle
      i created a site and host it local
      but have been skipping all the settings for later. 
      Now my site contains 40 pages all with permalink settings on standard.
      now i try to change this to postname and all of the sudden my whole site structure is gone and everything is broke.
      When i turn it back on standard its all fine but it seems i gotta edit all 40 pages and all internal links to get it working again but thats not even the real issue.
      when i go to frontend with dms active it totaly turns into a mess. all css is gone and no link or page he is able to find.
      any solution or am i bound on doing everything over from scratch?
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