What settings were used and how was this site built? http://themes.pagelines.com/dms/#

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I'm new to DMS and like many of the things it is able to do.

Would you be so kind as to make your own website - http://themes.pagelines.com/dms/#

a demonstration of how to build the entire site with DMS so we may all see in detail how you used the software to build your site?

Sure the current website is a demonstration but for a person to see how it was built would be not only a great selling tool but also it will demonstrate the ease of use and the "how to" for people new to DMS.  A step by step video would be great...

Thank you & best of Providence.


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Where did you find that site link even?  It looks like that site is running of the yet unreleased version  That's some new advertising...52 sections and Woo Commerce ready.  Skip this isn't really an answer to your question but more observation.

I'm really curious to see what the 52 sections are as the 40 sections the advertised previously never really happened for DMS users as some of the sections were legacy and weren't part of DMS core (http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/31633-section-count-and-section-issues-irritation/).  WooCommerce had responsiveness issues but what is demoed on the link you gave works well and looks clean.   Did find one responsiveness issue on the home page of   http://themes.pagelines.com/dms/#  ; in the Drag&Drop Page Builder section  the image doesn't resize  (@Simon_P).  
It does look like they have tightened up the design aspects of parallax and the sliders!  Additionally, if it's Flipper they are using on the about us page...the design is cleaner.  They have a docs page in a demo and that appears to be a new section/feature that should be helpful tool. 
There appears to be a new mega style menu but in the demo the Blog>Single Post> sends menu off the page unless page is large enough. Hopefully, they didn't "retire" all the previous menus like "simple nav" or the basic nav bar so we all have to rework sites to update them.  Pagelines has a little bit of a history dropping products/features instead of just adding new or building on what already exists.  
The thing that I found most interesting was the quote at the top of the features page.
"Less time coding & more time building. You don’t have 

to be a web designer to create epic and unique layouts!'

Although a non-designer could create the layout.....it would be difficult without knowing CSS, HTML, Hooks for advanced features and your way around Wordpress to create anything remotely unique and epic.  I don't think it's too smart of the DMS team to bite the hand that feeds them...especially since the DMS version 1.1 road has been a little rocky.  Pretty sure this could be reworded as I won't be the only designer that picks up on that statement.
Overall it looks like v1.1.7.5 is a really big step in the right direction.  
If the DMS team just focuses on giving the designers/developers all the information needed about the features in DMS and a reliable Framework that continues to be incredibly flexible especially combined with some CSS, HTML, PHP/Hooks knowledge...then many designers would become reliable customers that the DMS Developers could sell additional sections too.  I'm really looking forward to the new version 1.2 or whatever it ends up being called.  

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I must say Skip you have ninja browser address bar skills, as that site isn't supposed to be available to the public yet, so very nice skills indeed.

In regards to the demo site you see, that site is currently running DMS 2.0, which is an upcoming patch, formally known as DMS 1.2. The new update features over 700 commits and tons of new features/sections.

The demo site was built by our food loving designer Ray, I will reach out to him and see if he can write a post up of how he created the demo site once DMS 2.0 has been released.


jmad - Your skills of view that page and breaking down the sections used are formidable too. However, all I am allowed to say is that the Simple Nav has not been retired to my knowledge :D

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How about the basic Nav Bar that can be placed in any section?

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You mean the NavBar section ? If so, that still there too!

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Hi - do we know when all of this DMS 2.0 goodness is going to be available?  It is looking really good!

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