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Masthead Issues

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Hi, I'm trying to use the Masthead to get splash image to appear at the top of each of my pages, but I can't get the image to display unless I also enter a title for the Masthead or select a menu for the Masthead.  Is there any way to use the Masthead to simply display an image in my header without a title or a menu?

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Ok, I've found a workaround: if I enter a title and tagline for the Masthead under Page Options then I can get the image to appear, along with the title that I do not want.  If I then go back and delete the title and tagline text and replace it with a single space, I can get the image to appear without any text at all. 


This seems like a bug, though, and I'd rather see some other way of getting a Masthead to appear as just an image with no title or tagline text at all.  Is this possible with the Masthead, and if not why was the Masthead designed to display images only with accompanying title/tagline text? 


Is there some other way to get a splash image to display in the header section using Pagelines?

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If you simply want an image, you will want to use the MediaBox section. The Masthead section is supposed to be used to display headline or important text on your site with an optional image and not the other way round. It shouldn't be used to display an image only. That is why there is a MediaBox section.

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