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Problem with changing the color of NavBar Background

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rijans    5

To change the color of NavBar, I created a custom class GlobalNavigationBarBGColor in styling classes section. and then added the following code in CSS


.GlobalNavigationBarBGColor {
background-color: #FF6600;
color: #FFF;
But the color is in a frame! Not in the whole background >> http://postimg.org/image/nbmeicx3f/
Is there anything I missed? Site: techgainer.com (the condition is live right now)

.....Being a code noob, I want highest control as much as possible! What a mismatch! ......

.......Feeling Rockstar with DMS! .......

....I believe there's nothing like DMS....

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batman    389

Hi rijans

I´m not sure but try to add this CSS rule

.navbar.pl-color-base { background: none;}

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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jmad+    80

Or try this link or the code below.





.GlobalNavigationBarBGColor {.section-navbar .pl-section-pad .navbar-content-pad{

padding: 0 15px;

background-color: #ff6600;




And you probably wouldn't need a custom class if you want this through your entire site just use


.section-navbar .pl-section-pad .navbar-content-pad{

padding: 0 15px;

background-color: #ff6600;




Hope that helps.

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