Help with Facebook button not working on home page

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I have embedded a Facebook connect button on my client's site and for some strange reason, it will not work on the home page but on a test page it works fine.


Home page:

Test page:


I'm testing in Firefox on Mac. When I use Safari or Chrome, home page button works fine. But on Firefox, only the Test page works and not the home page.


Any ideas?


WP: 3.8.1

PageLines: 1.1.6

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The link you have used for your facebook link is set to #.


how have you embedded this button? have you used a shortcode/script/plugin? 

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Yes, that's the way it works. It's from a Wordpress plugin that is actually in a separate installation of WP in another directory of that domain. 


But the button works fine on the test page, which is the strange part. And it also works fine in other browsers. So it leads me to believe there is something on the home page template that is interfering with its functionality.

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Try disabling all other plugins to see if there is a conflict. 


If the plugin is by a third party developer you would need to contact them for support with functionality provided by their plugin 

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I disabled only other plugin I have installed and it behaves the same way.



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As the functionality is provided by a third party plugin you woul dneed to contact them for problems with using their plugin. 

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