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Recently accepted support for a Pagelines website - CSS and Account issues

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I recently started supporting a Pagelines website after the last developer left, Problem #1 is that any updates to Pagelines options cause an old rev of CSS to become active. A "Pagelines Customize" plugin is active. If I use FTP to refresh the CSS with the most recent copy, this also causes an old rev of CSS to become active. Does this indicate that the last developer was directly updating the compiled CSS? Sounds crazy but its all I can come up with as a possibility. The only way for me to "recover" the correct CSS is to cut and paste the compiled CSS.


How can I use my compiled CSS to restore the Pagelines Customize Plugin CSS so that updates to the Pagelines options don't restore an old version?


How can I find out the status of the Pagelines software that's running on the website? The Pagelines dashboard indicates that it was a "Pro" version but there is no connection to an account. When I click "reset account credentials" it triggers an update to the CSS which loads the old version.




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style.css in the themes root folder will reveal the version. Also in the page source there is a version message.


If there is a problem with the css, if LESS fails to compile for whatever reason it will load the saved css as a backup.


I doubt if the previous guy was editing the compiled css file.

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I'm running Pagelines v 2.4.2


Biggest issue is that I can not FTP a new rev of the CSS (to /wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize) or update anything in the Pagelines settings without triggering a CSS recompile which pulls an incorrect version of the css. The resulting new compiled version is incorrect. At this point, the only solution I have is to cut and paste the previous compiled CSS into the new file.


Can you explain how I can use the correct version of my compiled CSS to recover the CSS in the plugins/pagelines-customize folder?

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Can someone help me to recover my CSS?


  • The current compiled version of the CSS is correct
  • If I refresh the CSS and a recompile takes place, the newly compiled CSS is incorrect
  • The CSS in /wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize is not correct (and does not appear to be used by the compiler because the rules in the file are not contained in the compiled version)
  • In the pagelines settings, their is no custom css

Can I use the contents of my compiled CSS to get Pagelines working again????

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James B

If the customize plugin isn't being used deactivate the plugin. If the previous developer inserted the css changes into the style.css and didn't manually create a style.less for the plugin then it won't go into the compiler. Only a style.less will be compiled, if a style.css was used then that will just provide a static style sheet.


I would say copy all your correct css so you have a copy saved in a blank text doc that you can fall back on. Deactivate the customize plugin completely and see what displays on the site with that inactive. Paste your code in to the css/less panel inside the Framework admin and see if your changes take affect, that way you can tell if it's working. If it does, delete the current copy of the customize plugin with the developers previous code in. Install a fresh version and in the blank style.css paste your correct code or create a style.less inside the customize plugin and paste your code in there so it compiles into the main compiled css file.

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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