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I've downloaded and installed the free version of the DMS, and I must say it looks promising.  But i still miss a lot of  features, and I wonder if those are available in the PRO version.  I couldn't find a comparision between the two on your site.  


I free trail period would do here, because I 'm am not willing to pay first and then find out that the PRO version doesn't fit my needs. I also couldn't find info on this on your site.


Your thoughts please...


Best regards



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Hello Sibben 


There is currently no trial of the Pro Features but i have mentioned your request to the Core team. 


Please find the breakdown of the Pro editing funcitoklaity and features available via the Pro Subscription. All these become clearer when you try out the free version. 


The Pricing page http://pagelines.com/pricing outlines the 3 packages available to subscribers of the DMS system. these packages are Personal, Professional and Developer editions. 

Personal edition give you all the Pro Sections and features and allows you to activate one site. 

The Business edition give you all the Pro Sections and features and allows you to activate 6 sites in total. 

The Developer edition give you all the Pro Sections and features and allows you to activate unlimited sites. The Developer edition also allows the use of Wordpress' multisite functionality.  

Wordpress MultiSite is a Networked site functionality provided by Wordpress introduced into Wordpress in the 3.0 release. 
A multisite network is a collection of sites that all share the same WordPress installation. They can also share plugins and themes. The individual sites in the network are virtual sites in the sense that they do not have their own directories on your server, although they do have separate directories for media uploads within the shared installation, and they do have separate tables in the database.
The Developer edition of DMS provides all the files and functionality so that you can use DMS on a networked installation of Wordpress and it's subdomains. 

You can read more about Wordpress MultiSite in the Wordpress Codex here http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

Subdomains count as separate sites but with the Developer edition you can activate unlimited sites. 

The descriptions of the Professional sections are as follows. 

  •  PopThumbs - Adds columnized thumbnails that lightbox to full size images on click.
  •  Callout - A quick call to action for your users with a text and a button 
  •  Masthead - A responsive full width splash and text area. Great for getting big ideas across quickly.
  •  Pricing - A pricing section the same as the section that contains the prices on http://pagelines.com/pricing 
  •  Rapid Tabs - Displays your most popular, and latest posts as well as comments and tags in a tabbed format.
  •  StarBars -  animated stat bars that animate as the user scrolls. Use them to show stats or other information.In particular

The Pro Editing Functionality is as follows 

  •  Offsets - allows you to move any section within the grid by one increment to the left or right to the standard positioning. 
  • Cloning - allows you to effectively 'cut & paste' any section and use the same settings in the same section elsewhere on the page. In essence allows you to 'clone' any section for use elsewhere. 
  •  Animations - Allows you to have sections animate on load. Animations include fading in, moving from the side or the top and more. 

The 'No Link Credit' functionality allows you to remove the PageLines logo present in the Basic edition of DMS. This appears in the bottom right of sites created using the Basic edition and look like this http://d.pr/i/SQqC 

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Hello Martin,


I already knew what you wrote here, that's the information that can be found on the Pagelines site. But that cannot be all of the differences between PRO and Free I guess.


For instance: I'm trying to change the color of the header but there isn't an option for that except appliying some CSS code.  But thats not what my customers can do. I cannot imagine that a simple option like this isn't available. Since it's not in the free version, it has to be in het PRO version.  But i don't want to find out that it simple doesn't exist AFTER i payed.


This is just a simple example, but I miss a lot of simple visual designing options which do exist in other free frameworks.  So a free trail period would be nice, is even indispensable if you'd ask me.

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The difference between PRO and Free are like said Martin Davies
If you want to change  the color of the header you will need apply some CSS code.
Please, you can take a look to the 
And you can see what you can do with the DMS and where you need add CSS code.

I hope this is you need.

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Hi there,


Any section area, like header/footer has an option for area styling in a drop down - http://screencast.com/t/yjAKDai7 which allows you to set a range of different options. Colors are mainly generated using LESS based on the background color that is set, LESS calculates complimentary colors to fit around the main background color. The dev's designed the system like that to try and make it as easy as possible without people having to choose too many options to set up each section. Outside of those options custom css will need to be used to override the section options.


Additional options for editing sections could make it into a future edition of the theme.

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But what if the header color is green and my customer wants to make it pink.  Without any CSS/LESS knowledge. That isn't possible?

Then DMS isn't meant for users without such skill i guess.


What i want to achieve is this:  i offer my customers a ranges of themes ( or templates, not sure what the best option is).  They select the most attractive theme, and from that starting point the change it to what they want.  Change colors of headers, body, blocks, buttons. Change backgrounds ,  layouts.  Add widgets, sections, etc. 

Is this what DMS is meant for?

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At present the ability to select a color via a color picker for a header, template, full width section or footer area isn't possible without using custom CSS or the styling classes field. The style classes field is a super simple option, you just create a custom class for example:


.my-pink-bg { background-color: pink; }


Then add the class name to the styling field for example: my-pink-bg


However, in a future there will be a color picker option.

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Super simple indeed......   If you know a bit CSS,  but not for a car salesman for instance. 

Thanx for your help,  I'll move to a solution other then this DMS

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If you have a client, who has no idea how to use HTML or CSS, then would your client require the need to use CSS ? As your client has hired you to developer their site. Either way the ability to change the color of sections area will be as easy as selecting the color from the color picker.

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