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Examples of sites using plugin-Depthcharge please!

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I just bought the depthcharge plugin,




and I would like to see examples of how other users have implemented and used it on their sites.


So please anyone who has a site using this plugin or anyone who has some links, I would appreciate it if you would share the links so I can see and get ideas and information about it.


Also anyone who knows of a more in depth (no pun) and step by step tutorial (beyond the instructions that come with it) of how to use it, I would really appreciate the link as well.


Thank you!



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Hi Marlene,


I can help you with specific use cases or walk you through certain applications if you have some ideas.


Have you looked through my demo site?



The help documentation is located here.



If you need to submit a trouble ticket, go here:



Note: There's a new version that is pretty much done that will be released with the next major release of DMS. It corrects some interface issues, and smooths out the animations a bit by employing hardware acceleration :)

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Hello Etcio,


Thanks. I have seen both links.


I am looking for more substance and more step by step instructions.


I also want to see actual sites using the plugin.


Any links?


Great to know a new version is coming out. When?


Thanks again.


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I just stumbled upon this while trying to figure out different usages myself. @etcio- can you give the settings for the corporate header example you provide? I'm having trouble with image size/direction of the logo.

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+1 on better instructions... the Support/Help is pretty thin.

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I am looking for sample sites using depth charge. Did you find any?

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