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Cool Carousel freezing

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Hi Cliff,


I'm using two cool carousel instances on my front page

  • large single slide - works fine
  • smaller multi slide - This is freezing when I try and scroll left a couple of times

Site is www.ewizz.co.za


Latest versions of all plugin's and wordpress.


Have turned off DMS tools as it was causing link problems.


Any ideas





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Hi. Thanks for your purchase.


http://www.ewizz.co.za/ loads very slowly for me. Once loaded, I see the top and bottom sliders start scrolling automatically. Then I click the lower slider's left arrow and it reloads the home page. Very odd.


I'd recommend the normal debugging steps, like:

- remove custom LESS and custom scripts and custom sections (DMS front-end editor and child theme)

- deactivate all other plugins

- try just the bottom slider by itself (i.e. delete/remove the top slider)

...and see if it's still having issues

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Marking as solved since I haven't heard back. Feel free to reply again in the future.

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