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Website load time is enormously slow

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Hi all,

Let me start out by saying that I have no website development experience.  I emphasis this because a lot of the answers I read on these forums go over my head.  Although I’m learning, I still don’t know how to do much more than add new DMS “sections” then update and move them around.


So here is my problem.  I’m about 85% done with the base content of my webpage/blog.  I’m pleased with DMS and I like how easy it is (especially for a newbie) to move things around and make changes.  However, my page takes forever to load the first time. 


I know websites load faster the second time you view them, as your computer stores cookies to allow the page to load faster the second time.  However, I’m afraid that people (future customers) won’t even bother waiting for my page to load for the first time.  It will eventually load, but it takes over 10 seconds before the page will display.


I have reloaded every picture with a very low resolution, to speed things up, but it still takes a long time.  Any ideas?  We live in a world where people are always in a hurry, and I’m afraid they won’t want to wait for my site to pop-up.


Thanks in advance, Dan.


DMS Professional Tool - Version 1.4.2 

Wordpress – Version 3.8.1

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The problem is you're using Shared Hosting which isn't known for its amazing performance. I did a reverse IP check on your sites URL, the findings were that you have another 843 websites on the same server your domain, this is the reason as to why your site is slow.

Shared hosting is cheap web hosting, its cheap because web host providers can place so many users on once server, all of which are using the same server resources. If you're conscious about your sites speed, I recommend you stop using shared hosting, as this is the only way your can really improve your sites speed, there are other means such as cache, CDNs etc.. but with you having shared hosting you're only masking the problem.


I recommend you either improve your current package to something other than shared hosting or use a different host. We recommend FlyWheel.

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