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DMS Editor - Fonts and Buttons

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I have my font color for the system set as white, when I add certain plugins or sections they pick up on that font color in the DMS editor tools and it makes it very difficult to see.  Same with the DMS buttons if you customize the default button CSS say to a white then you can't see them in the editor.


Danny I know it's been suggested that one should NOT customize the built in buttons or other items but it seems like the most efficient way handle the customization and have it effect DMS and any plugins.  Am I wrong here? I don't see why customizing the CSS for DMS buttons should impact the DMS editor (I understand how it does) but it seems wrong.


Can we get this on the list of requested fixes.  Certainly would cut down on the amount of code required for adding plugins like Woo and Contact Form 7 or others.  As it is if you write your own buttons then you have to go find and add each plugins class(es).


Personally, I'd love to have the class for each shortcode (looking now I guess that's already there in a way) listed in the support docs then I could theme the whole site out and move forward.  Is this the wrong approach?

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