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I Can't activate Business version

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I cant activate the developer version.


I have multisite installation. On a subsite the activation works. But the main site doens't.


Please help.


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You will need to contact our helpdesk for assistance with your account, hello at pagelines dot com

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Ok, tks.

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No problem.

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    • Unable to activate this key.
      By Ttownhero
      We paid for our next year's subscription of pagelines, however, the next site that we've set up is having some issues. When we go to activate the pagelines license, its giving the error "Unable to activate this key."
    • New Site Activation Problem
      By stebac
      I have been attempting to activate and set up a new site for my DMS Developer account.
      When i enter my key and email into the Pagelines Updater to activate my products nothing happens and i get a message appear at the top, which states "unable to activate this key."
      I haven't encountered this before.
      I have entered the correct details and attempted several times.
      Any ideas what might be causing this?
      Thanks in advance.
    • Can't activate site
      By kulmetehan
      Hi guys,
      I've been a DMS user from day one and went pro just a little while after. Anyway, the last changes in plans and stuff made some things unclear to me. I'm stil paying for the  $10 a month plan. But with the key I received at that time I can't seem to activate my website: and therefore can't edit the pro sections.
      First it says  "User updated! Site Activated!", after it says "Site not activated".
      I can download DMS2.0 without restrictions and use that, that's cool. I'm very happy for that. But the problem is that I now can't edit my website with the old version of DMS.
      What can we do to solve this? Please help.
    • Can't Activate DMS Key Today
      By atcdomainsolutions+
      Experiencing something strange today.  
      Getting ready to start a new site build and installed DMS locally (XAMPP) and I go to add my Developers License Key and it takes it and then after the screen refreshes, I see a message where it should say "Success" or whatever but it says "Unknown Error" and my license I input is gone.  I have tried to do this 10 times now and still same error. Not doing anything different that I don't do every few days when I start a new site.
      I have a developers license (have had it since the first week DMS came out) and I logged in...account says active, etc and everything looks good.  Next payment not due for over a week.
      Need help.  Sure this is just some glitch but without being able to activate, this obviously impairs my ability to really start this new site.
    • dms2 install problems
      By nadielp+
      Hi Everyone,
      I am experiencing a strange issue with a client site I am trying to install DMS 2 on. The installation appears to work but DMS will not load when I activate the site it shows an incorrect email and then I enter the proper one. As soon as I activate it switches to a screen telling me that I am deactivating the key for the account. DMS does not load and I get broken links for all the DMS functions. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have deleted the installation of DMS twice and I had the same experience each time. I have never encountered this before. The site is Not that it matters much with this problem...