Have successfully added two new sidebars, can't get them to line up horizontally.

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I've successfully setup up two new sidebars as shown on the above page. I'm trying to get them to line up beside each other horizontally but the second one seems to always start (vertically) after the end of the first one.


Pulling my hair out here...


Here's the CSS I've added:

/* main CSS moved to child theme - don't panic :-) */

#homepage-left-sb .widget-pad{

#homepage-right-sb .widget-pad{

#homepage-left-sb .fix:before , #homepage-left-sb .fix:after {
content:none !important;
clear:none !important;
#homepage-right-sb .fix:before , #homepage-right-sb .fix:after {
content:none !important;
clear:none !important;

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I think the issue may be down to the .fix CSS parameter being globally applied; Firebug shows this:

.fix:after {

or it could one of the classes in here:

<section id="homepage-left-sb" class="container clone_1 section-homepage-left-sb fix">

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

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I think I'm getting close to a solution:


If I change:

<section id="homepage-left-sb" class="container clone_1 section-homepage-left-sb fix">

to just

<section id="homepage-left-sb" class="">

It seems to resolve the issue. However, I'm not sure how to remove those. These sidebars were created using the following code uploaded to a child theme:

	Section: Homepage Left SB
	Author: PageLines
	Author URI: http://www.pagelines.com
	Description: Shows full width widgetized sidebar.
	Class Name: HomepageLeftSB
	Edition: pro
	Workswith: templates, footer, morefoot
	Persistant: true

 * Homepage Left SB
 * @package PageLines Framework
 * @author PageLines
class HomepageLeftSB extends PageLinesSection {

	* Section template.
function section_persistent() {
	$setup = pagelines_standard_sidebar($this->name, $this->settings['description']);
   function section_template() {
		 pagelines_draw_sidebar($this->id, $this->name);

So I'm wondering is there a way to set up those sidebars by modifying the code to NOT include the other CSS items in the line beginning with <section>


Or is this a bad approach?

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Hi there, if you're on the standalone edition of IBlogPro4 then unfortunately there were no options as to where the sidebar could be positioned or duplicate sidebars like there was in the IBlogPro5 child theme for the framework. This is because the theme is much older and didn't use the drag and drop system.


We can't officially advise making edits directly to the core files, this would be at your discretion. But as the theme is an older theme now and won't receive any updates this will probably be your best option if you wish to stick with the theme.


Unfortunately these standalone themes are no considered legacy themes and will receive no further, we'd advise moving up to the latest PageLines DMS system in order to be able to successfully implement and position additional sidebars using the drag and drop live editor.

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I'm not on iBlogPro4, I'm on 5.


Again, any pointers would help. I've found that if I add the following CSS:

.fix:after {
 	content: "";

It does EXACTLY what I want in terms of the two paragraphs, but breaks other sections of the site.


I then tried:

#homepage-left-sb .fix:before, #homepage-left-sb .fix:after, #homepage-right-sb .fix:before, #homepage-right-sb .fix:after {
    content: "" !important;
    display: inline !important;
    line-height: 0 !important;

to apply the class to the new html IDs specifically, but it doesn't work.


So close I think, yet so frustrated. Something simple I'm missing?


Thanks in advance.

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