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Custom Post Type and Filter by Year

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Hello all

I have created a Custom Post Type


http://www.example.com/news-room - this shows all posts of the news room CPT which is what I want

http://www.example.com/news-room/news-releases - shows all news room posts of the news release category which is what I want


There are hundreds of posts of news release category, so my question is how do I create a filter that allows visitors to filter by year?  


The perfect solution would be when someone goes to:




and see's all of the posts of the news release category, they can click buttons or links (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, etc) and the page would remove all the posts except for the posts of that year.


Anyone have any ideas on how to facilitate this please?

Thank you all in advance


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Thanks Simon.....I tried that link this morning.....unfortunately it didn't work.  But I'm not very good with PHP yet.

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