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Make section edits actually work

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I've found that when you edit a section it can be pretty arbitrary if it actually saves the content or not. Often you have to publish then refresh, sometimes you have to refresh then publish.


It can be a little frustrating. Some work needs to be done with DMS workflow I think as at present I often feel like I am fighting against the software, rather than it working for me. It all feels a little buggy.

Wouldn't it be better to have some sort of autosave feature, perhaps using a framework such as angular to work an MVC pattern into the sections so they are autonomous. At present it's all a bit clunky and arbitrary. Having to refresh the entire page whenever you make a single change to an element really seems overkill.


I do find it easy to get up and running quickly, but there are a number of things that seem borked.


The Parallax scrolling setting just doesn't work as it should. Why not remove it from the builds until it does? Perhaps because you don't have an MVC pattern in place, so you can't.


The arbitrary nature of the fields in sections.... Why can't we just refresh the section we are editing.. An entire page refresh messes with workflow. This is counter-intuitive, as DMS is supposed to be wysiwyg.


Finally. The DMS Pro plugin.... There are elements of this which are borked? Why is it available (IE The cacheing) - It took me 2 hours to work out that this was breaking my site.... Come on guys. Work with me. Not against me...

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