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Missing Menu Item when viewed on Iphone

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When looking at my site on my Iphone I noticed that it it missing a menu item that links to my external portfolio website, other menu items are showing it is just this one link/menu. Also when viewed on the Iphone all sub-menu items are showing even though i have the drop down on hover option checked. Additionally, there is no customization on my site at all when viewed on my Iphone.

I am using:

WP 3.8.1

DMS 1.1.6

I have the following plugins installed:

AddThis Follow Widget

Deactivate | Edit

Select AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget

Select Akismet

Select Breadcrumb NavXT

Select Breadcrumb NavXT 5.0 Migration Compatibility Layer DO NOT ACTIVATE

Select Classy

Select DMS Breadcrumb NavXT

Select DMS Professional Tools

Select Jetpack by WordPress.com

Select MailChimp for WordPress Lite

Select NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati

Select NextGEN Pro by Photocrati

Select Official StatCounter Plugin

Select Pagelines Sections

Select Photography Quotes

Select Post Types Order

Select Promote This by Headliner

Select Share Me

Select Sidebar Manager Light

Select SM Sticky Clicky Star

Select Ultimate TinyMCE

Select Velvet Blues Update URLs

Select WordPress Custom Sidebar

Select WordPress SEO


I have GoDaddy as a host.


I have disabled all plugins and still no effect.


My site URL is http://treadwellimages.com


Thank you.

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The Mobile menu doesn't use the same menu as the one you set on the Navbar. You need to set a menu in the DMS Toolbar > Settings > Layout & Nav > Primary/Secondary options.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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