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Switching to PageLines PRO

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Here is my website! http://test.cellalaw.com/cms/


What are the major differences in upgrading to PagesLines Pro. I like the way the website looks, but I am wondering if any of the added features would be beneficial for me to upgrade.


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It is no longer possible to upgrade to the PageLines Framework Pro version, as PageLines Framework is now open source, so you should if you have kept up to date, already have all the features from the Pro version.

We are now focusing our development on DMS which has both a free/lite and Pro version, you can found the differences here:




Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • huskers2011
      By huskers2011+
      I have a pro account that I used on my test site ( located on a sub domain) now that I have moved the site to the main domain, the pro will not activate.
    • ketri
      By ketri

      How can I test if the lazyloading is working? 
      From my experience lazyloading usually works by inserting the src of the image as something else than src. Using devtools it seems to me that lazyloading is not working.

      How should it work, should it work with all imgs or specific with a certain class or specific inside mediaboxes..?

      Thank you very much!
    • gregbroxton
      By gregbroxton+
      I am using the Pagelines Pro Plugin which adds the last loaded template to the adminbar.
      How can I remove this from the adminbar and continue using the plugin?
    • ketri
      By ketri

      When I use the Pagelines Pro plugin and enable the css classes there are some issues. First, it says:
      This will add classes to the page, for example a desktop PC using firefox would add: <body class="home blog ... ... desktop firefox">
      ...but actually adds them to the <html>. Not problem but might confuse users. Also I only get 
      class="mac chrome chrome3 webkit webkit5 csstransforms csstransforms3d csstransitions" on desktop and 
      class="iphone safari safari7 webkit webkit5" on iPhone.
      So I don't get i.e. the "desktop" class, "ios" -class, "mobile"/"phone" -class or "tablet" -class. Also classes to detect touch -devices etc would be great!

      What kind of technology are you using for the detection and do you think there will be improvements? The best one I believe is mobile detect http://mobiledetect.net/, but it needs PHP and might be an issue with caching. So I've used https://github.com/barisaydinoglu/Detectizr and have had great experiences.

    • karlconnell
      By karlconnell
      WordPress 3.8.1 running latest DMS theme.
      WooCommerce 2.0.20.
      When I have the latest version of pagelines pro installed and activated along with my woocommerce theme I come across a category product problem. I can only view my woocommerce product categories when I am logged into my site. When I am not logged in or if anyone is just browsing the site when they click on any product category it will just direct them to a default category, not the one the clicked on.
      It took me a while to figure this out but I deactivated pagelines pro and the problem stopped.
      No idea why this is happening but id though id share it so someone can look into it.