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Rob Thomas

Odd Issue After Upgrade

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Rob Thomas

my upgrade went smoothly on my multisite except for 1 out of 5 sites. 


On that site only: 


1) the UberMenu does not properly highlight (in the menu) the page you are actually on


2) the logo used specifically for my blog page (which has a black background on this page only) is not displaying properly. 


all four other sites do not have this problem. it is only on this one site. 


one other thing: it displays perfectly when I am in the visual editor and signed in. it does not display properly (both 1 and 2 above) when I am logged out. 


there are no plugins used just for this site. all the plugins are shared across the multisite and this is the only one that is not displaying properly. 


This is, however, happening on the main domain for the multisite account hosted at Flywheel. 


Any ideas? 

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Hi Rob,


Can you enable DMS Debug mode and provide a link to all the sites so we can take look please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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