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Customizing share buttons at the bottom of a blog post

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I have a problem I've been agonizing over for a number of hours, trying to customize the share buttons built into PlatformPro at the button of the post on my website. Here is the blog post in question:


I have limited knowledge of CSS and coding, so any help is appreciated, especially if you can provide the code =)


I have already replaced the Digg and Mixx share icons with my own custom icons for Google + and LinkedIn, but the buttons still redirect to share on Digg and Mixx. I need to figure out what code to implement to get the Google Plus share button to share to the users Google Plus profile, and the same with the LinkedIn button.


If possible, I would also like to know how to create a similar button to enable sharing the article via email.


Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi there,


Unfortunately its not going to be a simple css change as the code for the share icons is hard written into the theme. You'd need to manually edit the core files/code to find the existing code for the share icons and then replace it with code for the new services.


In this instance, it would be better to use a share plugin to provide the social sharing options as this will do this automatically and remove the Platform Pro sharebar from the drag and drop.

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Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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