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I have a header with fixed height of 300px.

I want the navbar at bottom inside the header, but it always moves to top.


I tried several CSS but it always gets overwritten.


Any ideas?



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Hi there, can we have a link to the live page so we can see the setup and take a look at what css you could use.

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Problem is that the site is live and I was trying to update header in the preview.



The things I did was, all is in full with:

  1. Set at header background image. To have it nicely displayed I had to have the header have a fix min height of 300pix
  2. I added a simple navbar which is at top
  3. I added main Navbar, this shows now below the simple navbar.

I want it to move to bottom of header, not below simple navbar.


I can add classes to navbar like .header-navbar.


The main goal is to have the header look something like:


thx for trying to help me.

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If you want to have a similar header area as the site you linked, all you need to do is add an image to the header area settings, then drag and drop the NavBar section beneath that. You will need to customize the style of the NavBar to have a similar to that sites navigation.

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