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I am using the latest version of pagelines DMS. I am having troubles with the templates part. I created a few pages and after publishing, from those pages i created templates. The problem is that when the template loads not all of its settings along with the work i had done is loading. I have also tried flushing the CSS but that didnt solve the problem either.


Please let me know if my statement is not clear. Thanks in advance.





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What settings are missing ?

Can you provide a link to the site in question please.

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Hi Danny,


My functionality required tabs but as there was no sections related to it so i had to build my own. Basically what it does is that on loading it selects the template according to additional parameters int he url.


These are the few pages that were used to make the template, basically they are using the same templates themselves.


But when i set the template according to additional parameters then some of its css is missing.


You can use the tabs to switch between the pages to see the conflict.


I cannot point my finger at the problem here. Also do you have any other method that can be used to add tabs?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,


Looking at your site it appears you've resolve since posting? The css inside the tabs you've created seems to be loading correctly, there's media boxes inside some tabs and a table in the last -


If you mean the header image isn't showing, then you will need to set the image in each page as the template has placed the image holder there, but you need to assign an image in the section settings etc.

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