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Trickle with DMS

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    • onespirit
      By onespirit+
      Hi Nick,
      I purchased Trickle earlier today and think it's an amazing little section! 
      I am having an issue however with SLOT E, SLOT F and SLOT G. The controls aren't  showing up in the DMS UI window.
      It's kinda of weird cause the controls for the SLOTS A - D appear fine and they work.
      I am using WORD PRESS MU so perhaps it has something to do with that.
      I've found the DMS UI kinda glitchy with other sections as well, like not taking my revisions upon refresh and having to renter them.
      or the UI not popping up and having to refresh until it does. Have you experienced this before.
      I'm considering a fresh WP single site install to see if DMS performs better.
      Your support will be appreciated.
    • TCoGW
      By TCoGW
      When the Trickle section is used on the same page as the Features section, the Features navigation does not appear and its transitions stop working. It does not matter where Trickle is placed on the page or what mode it runs in. Having this issue across all browsers, and with only these two sections on a page. No other plugins or content.
    • john7626
      By john7626+
      When I activate and use Trickle my Page Options page stops loading properly. This occurs on both the WPEngine staging site I use and on the live website www.cityofcharlestown.com which is hosted on our local server, in house. On the live site the Page Options page stops loading after several seconds and gives error message and on the staging site a 502 Bad Gateway error is returned.  It seems as if the time it takes to load all the options in Trickle is too long. (Just an intuitive guess, not intended to be a proper diagnosis.) I deactivated all unused sections first, on both sites, and still had the problem. When I turned off Trickle the problem went away on both the staging site and the live site. The Trickle section, as I have mentioned in a previous post, is the favorite of my client (my boss, actually) but as it stands I am unable to use it because of this issue. Any suggestions?
    • danieldavies
      By danieldavies
      Hi Guys, 
      I'm having trouble getting TRICKLE to allow me to have more than the default 3 images per section. When I change the optional number of images and SAVE META SETTINGS it does not add more fields for me to upload more images, the number of fields I have selected stays at the number I selected but no extra fields. Any thoughts or help wpud be awesome. 
    • ekanouse
      By ekanouse+
      Is there a way to adjust the complete size of the section by px?