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Hi folks, 


I'm not able to load the DMS editor in Chrome properly. The page loads but without any CSS styling or drag and drop abilities (see screen grab).


I did recently update my .htaccess file with caching code to help speed my site up. Thinking this may be the problem I've now removed and reverted to a standard .htaccess file.


I was also running W3 Total Cache, but I've cleared all caches and deactivated the plugin.


I've even reinstalled a database from a few days ago as I know this problem wasn't happening before I made these recent changes.


I've cleared my browser cache and still nothing seems to get it to load.


It's strange because I'm running exactly the same set-up on another WP install and this is working fine!


The site address is


Install details are:


WP: 3.8.1

DMS: 1.1.5 (with child theme active)


Any leads on what I might try next greatly appreciated.

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Hello Iain 


Using any form of caching on your site will cause this problem. Site caching should only be used when your site is completed and no more edits are to be made. Use of cache plugins and the problems they cause are well documented on the forum. 


Remember to to completely clear the cache plugin when deactivating otherwise you will have further problems like this. It could be possible that there are still entries in your htaccess file relating to the cache plugin ao best to check there. 


Also try disabling all other plugins to rule out a conflict with another plugin and DMS. 


Please let us know if you are still having problems after you have checked this. 

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HI Martin,


Thanks for replying. Yes, point taken about using cache plugins. 


I'm happy to say I've eventually resolved the problem. Having checked again the htaccess file, deactivating and reactivating my plugins the fix seems to have come from switching the theme from my child DMS to the master and back again.


Something was obviously causing a glitch somewhere, but this seems to have reset it.


All's well now and I'll leave caching well alone!

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Hello @Iain 


good to hear this is fixed and thanks for letting us know how you resolved it. Note taken on that for the future :) 

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