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Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused about how page templates as assigned.  In an effort to just hash a project together, I was trying to create dedicated templates on a per-brand basis to allow me to change the masthead and call to action areas per brand. 


The url strings for each brand are something like:

  • [pl-site-url]/brands/redline/ - assigned a template called "Redline Brand Specific"
  • [pl-site-url]/brands/scott/ - assigned a template called "Scott Brand Specific".  

each template has local section options for the masthead and the call to action sections that I have placed in the "Local Scope Region".  


I thought I could change the masthead image for the Redline page, Publish it, then go to the "Templates" tab, find the "Redline Brand Specific", under "Actions" choose "Update Template with Current Configuration" and it would save this new masthead image to the "Redline Brand Specific" template.  However, when I then navigate back to the Scott Brand page, the template that is shown as being used is listed as "Scott Brand Specific", but the masthead image is now the Redline image that I just assigned to the Redline template.  If I go through the process of changing the image and trying to save the Scott template as before, the Redline masthead image then changes.  


WP 3.8.1

DMS: latest release



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Maybe this will help, too.  When I am on the Redline or Scott page, it will show the template that I am using.  If I am on the Scott page, I will go to Templates and fine the "Scott Brand Specific" template.  I choose "Load Template".  This looks fine, but then I navigate back to the Redline page and instead of the "Redline Brand Specific" template being used, the "Scott Brand Specific" template is being used.  Ok.  So, I go to Templates and find the "Redline Brand Specific" template and select "Load Template".  Looks good, but go back to the Scott page and now we're using the "Redline Brand Specific" template here.  And around and around we go.

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Hi Gabe


Firstly where are you adding the masthead? If it's the header this is a global section so what ever you have set in there will appear on all page, make sure you have it in the page template area to work in line with the template.


These are definitely static pages you're using? Not blog/category pages or single posts? As the last three are dynamically created they all follow the same template, so changes made on one, reflect on the others.

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Thanks man.  To answer your first question, I was not putting this in the header global region, just the top of the template local region.  I can see how someone would make that mistake.  Sorry i didn't clarify that.  


You are correct that I did not fully understand the template assignment restrictions.  I was trying to modify a category post type.  I did think that because it was "local" that it meant "local to the specific post-id, not necessarily specific to the category as a whole.  Understanding that cleared a few things up for me.  


I created a solution to my problem, but possibly created another problem with the DMS Editor hanging on load to a few of the category pages.  I will post this issue in another topic.



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