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Generating a lightbox with a video (or form, etc.) when clicking a 'button'

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I am trying without success to emulate the example in this site:

When you click on "Play Video", what is probably a lightbox opens in the center of the screen, without leaving the page, and... well, plays a video.

The idea is to use a component like Masthead (or maybe Hero) and enable the video so that clicking in the Masthead Action Button will trigger the lightbox. 

I thought I could use popup plugins like Simple Popup Plugin, using a shortcode. Didn´t work. 

I then tried Lightbox Plus Color Box, and after reading about it in a forum, JQuery Colorbox plugin. No success there either. 

Then, here - - I found a PageLines shortcode to insert YouTube and Vimeo videos, but inserting 


  1. [pl_video type="vimeo" id="50522981"]

in the link destination just opened the video inside the button itself. 

I couldn´t find any other reference to this problem in the forums.

Please help.


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Hi there, that site looks like it's using for the lightbox effect.


You wouldn't be able to trigger the video from the button inside the pre-set section. However if the section has a text field, like the highlight section, you could make your own button inside the text field using the shortcode the plugin provides to activate the video.

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Thank you, James.

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Thanks for informing us the issue has been resolved.

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