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Float Drop Boxes

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Dear PageLines-team,

we've got problems with Platform Boxes.

There are float-drop css problems with boxes in platform cms.

On startpage (link and picture in attachment) are three boxes, but the last "column"  is dropping.

If the browser-width is lower than 1200px, then the right box drops to the next line.

Is this problem relating to div class "pprow grid-row fix"?

My favourite solution would be that all three boxes get smaller when downsizing the browser width.

Therefore I would need your assistance.

Thank you very much.



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From the looks of it from your attached image, the issue isn't related to PageLines, but your custom CSS due to your use of border. Adding a border to an element that has a specific percentage width will cause that element to a new row as the border via CSS is added to the elements width, this throwing the percentage width out the window.


Therefore, if you wish to add a border style to your box, then you will need to do one of two things.


1. Replace border with the box-shadow property

2. Continue using the border property, but use the box-sizing: border-box; alongside it, this should resolve your issue.


Please be aware that we do not provide extensive CSS support and we do not provide any support to user created code. Therefore, if you have a styling issue in the future, please remove all custom CSS before posting. This way, you can make sure the issue is with our product and not your code.

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