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AJAX Loading Module

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Hello there, 

I should actually be in the paid support as my account name (same as my username) is a licensed user under the developer version. I have been trying to get some things to work, and while this product has alot of benefits to it, I am having one major shortfall that I am hoping to overcome. 


The issue is that I want to be able to invoke all links / navigation items on the page to invoke an ajax all request.

For the most part, this should be relatively simple. the process is wrap everything inside the <body> short of the footer includes, to be inside a wrapper, lets call it #ajaxContentLoader


I have been able to bypass your template by initiating my own custom wordpress plugin which fires off this : 


$(document).ready (function () {
     if ($("#ajaxContentLoader").length == 0) { 
     $("body").html ("<div id='ajaxContentLoader'>" + $("body").html () + "</div>"); 
in that ready function I can also call a bind to any anchor tags :
$("a").click (function (ev) {
     theURL = $(this).attr ("href");
     localisedURL = theURL.replace (dms_ajax_base_path,"");
     dms_ajax_loadPage (theURL,0);
which calls something like this : 
function dms_ajax_loadPage (theURL, push, getData) {
     nohttp = theURL.replace("http://","").replace("https://","");
     firstsla = nohttp.indexOf("/");
     pathpos = theURL.indexOf(nohttp);
     path = theURL.substring(pathpos + firstsla);
     if (typeof window.history.pushState == "function") {
     var stateObj = { foo: 1000 + Math.random()*1001 };
     history.pushState(stateObj, "ajax page loaded...", path);
     } else { document.location.href=path; //failsafe ? }
...and then proceeds to do the ajax call which parses out the elements required to recreate the body
which indeed does put the entirety of the body content inside the wrapper on the first load. great, step one complete.
I can also read and parse the html content so that it can establish things like the title. 
the problem I have is that once anything is fired via $(document).ready, jquery unbinds it from being triggered again, ie : $(document).trigger('ready'); does nothing. which obviously breaks your framework and any other on ready functions.
Is there anyway that I can capture all of the $(document).ready calls prior to the unbinding so that I may once again trigger them after refreshing the page content ?  I mean, I suppose on the first click to another link, i could first scan the document for any .ready strings, and then eval the content within on the next load, however, if the scripts are included externally, with a document.ready inside of it, I would think that it would just simply ignore it, unless of course, you scanned each script include...then again, I think I might be over complicating whats required.
I would love to offer you guys an AJAX plugin that you could include in your product, which could remain outside of the actual templates, and would be a choice of enable or disable.... and if you work with me to figure this out, I offer it up for you and others on your site. The obvious major benefit here is that you can create static elements that will persist (like audio players etc) from page to page, but the sky really is the limit. 

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I guess I should also mention that hash tag links "#" are ignored, as it seems that your editor relies on them, which is actually a good thing as far as this is concerned.

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So it seems Ive figured out a good chunk of this. 


test-prototype :


Theres a little youtube glitch obviously that pauses the video on the ajax request. but alot of this still works. 

What COULD be beneficial to my testing this however, is if you have a template which embodies many of your common functions. 


Please contact me at [email protected]
Also, could you please verify my account and promote this user to paid developer status so I can partake in other forums.

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Danny So I see you are the moderator from what I see here, any thoughts on this ?

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James B

Hi there, in order for your forum account to sync with your PageLines.com account the username and email needs to be the same on both accounts. We have modified your username for the forum to match your PageLines.com account so you will now have access to the Pro forums. Please log out of all PageLines systems and refresh your cache cookies then log back in and you should now have access.


You can find a list of hooks and filters for DMS at http://www.pagelines.com/api/dms-updates/hooks.php


And the full php reference files at http://phpxref.pagelines.com/


Hope this helps, have a great weekend.

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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ah that must be why, our operation manager signed us up, rather than me as our tech lead. Thanks for your assistance James. I will go over your list of hooks and filters as well. Cheers, and thank you for the help.

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