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Solved "jQuery is not defined" problems for accordion plugin

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I was having problems with an accordion plugin when I tried to view on a tablet or smartphone.  It would show fine on a desktop but would not come up on the smaller screens and a Google map that was loaded below it by another plugin also would not show.


I checked in Firebug and was seeing "jQuery is not defined" errors but couldn't see where they were coming from.


After a lot of checking I found that the problem was caused by a setting in the PageLines Pro Plugin.  I had marked the box for Section Caching to be enabled and when I unchecked that and saved the settings, both the accordion and the Google map showed up on the tablet and smartphone.


Thought this might be helpful to someone else so that's why I'm posting.

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Thank you very much for posting the solution, this will definitely help other users in future.

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