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Could the "Custom LESS/CSS" and style.less be the same thing?

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I've been trying out DMS for couple of days now. Very, very exited.
If someone would have told me that there's this "amazing drag & drop framework" to create WP themes, I would probably have told them to go shove it...

What I really enjoy (and hope to see even more in the future) is the ability to use code to customize things and not be "too easy" for newbies in a way that would make developers cringe.
Being able to use sublime text and all the lovely stuff that us developers enjoy, but still save loads of time by drag&dropping 90% of the page. Nice!

My question/suggestion:


If I've understood correctly, there's 2 (or 3 with some plugin, but whatever) ways to add custom LESS: 
- Editing in the front end in the "Custom LESS/CSS" -form
- Editing the child-themes style.less -file with your favorite text editor.

Could these 2 "files" just be the same? And update each other when the other is updated.
If not, is it technical issue or some other issue?
I would love to be able to quickly whip out less in the custom less-form because of the really fast updating. But also would love to be able to use sublime text 2 sometimes because of how fast it is with autocomplete etc. And of course it would be horrible to copy paste the entire code from one to the other and even worse to have LESS in 3 places.
Why shouldn't the style.less update the "Custom LESS/CSS" -form, and the "Custom LESS/CSS" -form update the style.less?


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James B

Hi there,


The style.css or style.less inside of a child theme is usually used to create your own child theme which can be packaged and sold on the store or exported into multiple sites. This holds all the style information for your specific theme in one place. Clients who purchased a child theme off the store or used your custom child theme, would be able to install the theme and then make further changes to the site via the css/less panel in the DMS editor, without it affecting the child themes original code.


If the code from a child theme was to be copied between the style.less and the css/less panel, then any clients would be able to see and edit the child theme code, which could break the theme. There would also be no way to revert back to the original code or reset if the client made a mistake etc. 


Hope that helps.

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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