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DMS flips out on double section

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Hi guys,


I've been running in on some trouble all morning. Whenever I try to place two sections in 1 line (so 6 width for both) DMS seems to flip out. It starts merging and not making me able to select on or another. Here is an example (these are actually two seperate mediaboxes):





Why does it do this? And how can I stop it?

Please help.

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Okay, I found out why it flips out. Every time I use the code: <font color="FFFFFF"> DMS flips out.


Suggestion: Please come up with something to easily adjust local text colors without DMS doing this. I'm not that great in CSS, that's why I tried it this way.

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Hi there,


Try placing in the 2 column layout first, so you get two containers. Then drag one mediabox into each of the containers.

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