Should i be using a Child Theme?

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I was looking for some advice about my current workflow. For a while now i have been designing sites directly to the DMS framework however i keep coming across people recommending the use of a child theme as it is the safest method. 


This is taken directly from WP Codex :




If you modify an existing theme and it is updated, your changes will be lost. With a child theme, you can update the parent theme (which might be important for security or functionality) and still keep your changes


Basically i am looking for peoples opinions on which is best. If it was my site i wouldn't be as concerned but i have a string of upcoming jobs for important clients and want everything to go as smoothly as possible. 


As you can tell i am a designer rather than a coder so be nice! 





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Hi Sean


Using a child theme is considered the professional way to enter your custom code. This will be re-enforced on the support forums as mode standard Wp themes don't have an inbuilt custom css area like DMS does, a majority of them will handle their changes through the style.css of a child theme. DMS allows the user three different ways to add code, either by the admin panel, a child theme or the customize plugin. Each has its own benefits depending on the users aims and skillset.


Personally I feel if designing for clients its better to use a child theme to insert your custom code, as it first looks more professional as the client can't see your custom code, and secondly as the code isn't within the dms editor there's no so much of a risk of the client deleting or adjusting anything which causes it to break etc.

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Hey James,


That's great thanks for your help. I'll go with a child theme for my next project. 


Standby for possibly more questions!  :D





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Will do :-)

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