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Im working on http://theeargazm.com I am trying to change the profile picture on post author. How do i go about doing so. Its placed at the bottom of single posts.

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The image in the Post Author section uses the Gravatar service, so sign up to gravatar, use the same email address used on the users profile and after a few minutes, the images associated to the email address from Gravatar will appear in the Post Author section.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • fatchamp
      By fatchamp
      Hello, do I use a hook if I would like to add the post author's avatar on the homepage?
      If I have to use that, what would be the exact command?
      Is there another way to do that?

      My website allows visitors to make submission of photos and text, and I would like their avatars to be shown next to their post.
      Visitors who post are random and I may not know them, hence it has to be automatic that once someone posts, his or her avatar goes up with the post.

      But within pagelines drag and drop, I can only add "post author" into "blog post".

      How do I add "post author" with the avatar into the "blog" section (where all the latest posts will be shown)?

      Thank you for your help.