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Image Size in Explorer Different than other browsers

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Website URL: http://www.francescojaya.com/new/chanting/kirtan
Framework Version:
WordPress Version: 3.8

Plugins in Use: Non
Server/Host: Hostmonster
Screenshots: Attached


I am building a new site replacing an existing one. On one page for some reason I cannot seem to determine the three images at the bottom do not display well in Explorer. Specifically I have three images in a row: One selected left, one centre, the other right. 


In Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox on PC or Mac, these display fine. In Explorer they do not? The centred image (hands clasped) appears underneath 'right' image.

Can you advise? Is there something I did or a better way to get three images across and be consistant in all browsers?

I cannot upload an snap shot as everything I try seems to be too large. View page: http://www.francescojaya.com/new/chanting/kirtan

On my screens Explorer is the only one that is different. Safari, Chrome and Mozilla all show as they do in preview development page.

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HI there

If you found that your image is too large ,you can just compress the image to fit your request.

And it is easy to do that using an image tool.You can just have a try.

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What version of IE ?


Also, most of our team do not have access to IE, so screenshots would be helpful. You can use sites such as imgur, droplr, jing to name a few, then just post the link to the image.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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