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Accordy Slider Blank

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When I try to put a custom image in the slider all the slides turn to white blank spaces.


Here's my website.



The one on top is the default, the second has images assigned

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    • SaleekR
      By SaleekR
      I guess the title says it all. How do i give each tab a specific color? Similar to the stich theme.
    • jjrob114
      By jjrob114
      Hey there...
      Accordy doesn't seem to be working properly.
      The images are displayed in a stack without any styling whatsoever.
      Any idea what might be causing this?
    • urbanmassagegr
      By urbanmassagegr
      I recently purchased Accordy Slider and can't figure out how to add it to my site. I installed it in the Plugins section in the Wordpress part of the site, but I don't know if that is right. When I click on Edit to try and customize the plugin, it just gives the basic info about what the Accordy Slider does and I don't see anywhere that gives me options to customize it. I originally tried to install it in the Sections part of Pagelines but it wouldn't let me. Help please.
    • alishabird
      By alishabird
      New to DMS and I love your Accordy-slider. I'm using chrome and having some problems with accordy-slider. Here is my site: http://staging.garympomerantz.com/
      2 out of the 10 possible slides are available for data but reguardless of the # I select I do not get any more slides.
      Can you help?
      Thanks, Alisha